Nylon Organza Petticoat Slip

Nylon Organza Petticoat Slip

Nylon Organza Petticoat Slip


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Product Details

This two-layer tissue petticoat is made of nylon organdy.
The square dance style is available in two adjustable lengths - adjust by pulling a thread and dropping the slip to the next length, one inch at a time. The ¾-inch elastic waistband includes a drawstring to additionally cinch the waist for a better fit.

Skirt Lengths
Short - Adjustable from 18 to 21 inches long.
Long - Adjustable from 21 to 24 inches long.

Choose from five fullnesses, measured around bottom of slip:
25 Yards
50 Yards (Add $10.00)
60 Yards (Add $14.00)
80 Yards (Add $21.00)
100 yards (Add $34.00)

The 50’s Style five-tier petticoat is adjustable from 26 to 29" and its fullness is 30 yards (Add $8.00)

Made to order, with shipment in approximately three weeks.