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About Adira Dance and Costume

Adira Dance and Costume specializes in dancewear, dance costumes, and active attire for all ages.  We have gear for traditional dance genres including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, and contemporary, as well as dance costumes for belly dance, square dance, flamenco, Bollywood, salsa, and ballroom dance.


Why Shop with Adira Dance and Costume?

- Owned and operated by a dancer and dance instructor who understands dancer needs.
- Personalized apparel and shoe fitting services. We know how dance wear and dance shoes should fit, as well as what makes a stunning costume.
- Special orders with no strings attached – customers can choose items directly from manufacturer catalogs.
- Special items stocked for dance studio dress codes and recital and show costumes.
- Recommendations to accomplished dance instructors and reputable studios.


Adira: Dancer and Costumer

An accomplished seamstress for over 30 years, Adira has tackled challenging projects such as her own prom and wedding dresses. Her costuming expertise began to flourish in 1977, when she began creating Halloween and other masquerade costumes.

As Adira’s love of all forms of dance expanded, so did her dance costume designs, from Square Dance apparel to her most recent passion for Oriental Dance. Adira is known for unique and sometimes quite progressive designs.

Adira Dance and Costume specializes in dance costumes and unique sub-culture attire. Dance costumes include belly dance, square dance, flamenco, Bollywood, and salsa. Elizabethan and Victorian attire for Renaissance and Dickens Faires, and Steampunk. Bohemian styles and distinctive dress for Burning Man and Raves.

Adira sells costumes of her own design and of other designers on her web site and at her retail store in San Jose, California.